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Cloud Computing is quite simply, computing based on the Internet.
By 2020, the Cloud Computing market is forecast to exceed $241 and its relevance to SMEs is undeniable, with SMEs contributing up to $100 billion to the market by 2014.
Since the first Cloud Computing websites, Google and Salesforce.Com were launched in 1999, the growth of the Cloud has reflected the development of the Internet and business technology as a business solution.
The Cloud offers:

1.   Flexibility
2.   Disaster recovery
3.   Pay as you go options
4.   Security
5.   Competitiveness
6.   Environmentally friendly
7.   Automatic software updates
8.   Remote working
9.   Document control
10. Opportunity for collaboration

Granite Computing Ltd offer a full range of Cloud Computing services and support. As MD of the company, Carlton Brailey is an expert in this field.