IT Support London | 5 Important Reasons To Have An IT Department

5 Important reasons to have an IT Department

In this day and age, businesses whether you are huge or small cannot survive without an I.T department. Every business needs to have secure access to the Internet and email, plus a reliable computer or tablet to work from. To keep these things running to their optimum, or fix them when they go wrong, you need an I.T department to call upon.

Data Management

The growth of data in the last 10 years has been enormous. Data storage has become significantly cheaper, and our needs to store high volumes of data has increased dramatically. Keeping this data secure from prying eyes, accessible from anywhere, and safely backed up is of paramount importance.  The job of your I.T department is to ensure that this happens effortlessly. We only ever stop to think about these things when it’s too late – Lost files, accidental deletion, virus infection, or needing access to your work documents from anywhere.

Virus Attacks

I.T departments ensure your computers are safe from the ever growing list of virus threats. In this increasingly problematic area, staying one step ahead saves time, money and wasted resource – Let alone the PR disaster of infecting one of your key clients, or suppliers.  The job of the I.T department is to provide a combination of centralised anti-virus management, and an ear to the ground on emerging threats.

Software Faults

Even the best written piece of software will experience annoying bugs and faults. Those issues that make no sense, happen at random, and defy any logic. The kind of technical issues that can sap hours from your important day, trying to either fix, or work around. Quite often your I.T department will have experience of these niggling issues, but for the seriously technical challenges, they will be your godsend, helping you to be more effective in your job, and knowing how to find the quickest possible solutions.


Businesses have sensitive information such as financial, salary, HR details which cannot be shared with all employees.  Therefore an I.T department can keep track of access rights and overall usage. Security is not just about ensuring that internal data is safe, but also the external threats from hacking or malicious attempts at disruption. Once an I.T department has both of these elements correctly policed and monitored, they should ensure that data leakage is also prioritised, and that members of staff cannot move sensitive company data outside of the organisation.


Your business I.T systems are the engine of your company and like any other engine, needs maintenance and updating to keep them working at peak performance. You need reliable servers, secure firewalls, and robust remote solutions.

Granite Consulting are here to help your business run as smoothly as possible, so that you can do your job successfully. We provide IT support services to a huge variety of small and medium size companies, across lots of different industries within London. .  The I.T department for any company is very important, without I.T no business can survive in today’s challenging times.