Granite Consulting Celebrates 11 years

"Happy Birthday to you, Granite's good as new!"

Granite Consulting proudly celebrates its eleventh birthday in 2013. In that decade, so much has changed in the Information Technology (I.T) sector. The world is hardly recognisable, especially in business.

Technology has completely taken over the world, and it’s hard to go anywhere or do anything without using technology in some form or another. I.T is used in our everyday lives and most of us don’t realise the extent of our reliance upon it......and it's only going to grow!

Information Technology allows us to communicate with our friends and family members who live around the globe using Skype; sometimes using a hand held devise. We can use SatNav to direct us on a country walk or Google Earth to see the location of a property that we may wish to purchase, in relation to the proximity to a main road!

It's a way to keep track of information for businesses as well as personal, everyday use. We are able to access and send information from all kinds of devices such as mobile phones, Ipads, E-Readers and even portable gaming. The Internet has revolutionised the way we think and our expectation is that information should be at our finger tips......immediately. Apps give us a vast range of information and choices and purchasing of goods and services can be instantaneous.

One day, we may only need a single device to get everything done for us. This could include starting our microwave, our car, turning on our lights at home! Since Apple and Microsoft introduced Graphical User Interfaces in the 1970's and early 1980's, our appetite for Information Technology to save time and improve efficiency seems insatiable. It's little wonder that there have been more technology changes in the past 10 years than the previous 100 years!

In the past, information could only be sent and received from one computer to the next but now networks are commonly used. This is a huge shift and allows us to communicate with people around the globe, keep in touch with your boss or clients and upload data, which is received within mere seconds of being sent.

It’s hard to say exactly what the future holds when it comes to Information Technology, but we have a pretty good idea. It’s going to get more and more easier to communicate. Sharing files is going to probably almost happen instantaneously. One day we may not even need a keyboard; we may just have to think something and the action will be completed on our screens right before our eyes without the need for a single button being pressed!

Whatever happens, Granite Consulting will be here, to offer cutting edge, rock solid and exemplary IT support and customer service. Whether you have an immediate requirement or simply have an IT related query please do not hesitate to contact me or telephone us for a friendly chat about your requirements on 08454 606033